Barely four days after partnering with blockchain-based hotel booking platform,, Zcoin has scored another partnership with Bidali. Bidali is a cryptocurrency payment service. Their service enables small and large companies accept low-risk cryptocurrency payments from anyone in the world, at a reduced fee.

What this partnership means for Zcoin is that its privacy-centric cryptocurrency can now be used to purchase gift cards from over 100 brands in the US. Some of the brands include Apple, American Airlines, Amazon, Delta Airlines, Nike, Starbucks, Sony, Uber, Walmart, eBay, Dominos and many others. The services of Bidali extends to other countries including the UK, Canada and Australia and Zcoin can be used to purchase gift cards for these countries as well.

Bidali has hinted that there are plans to expand its gift card option to Latin America. The company will be adding airtime top-ups and pin vouchers to its product offerings soon.

In general, this is another great partnership for the Zcoin team and community, considering the number of industries the coin can now be used in. The team said:

Our team is hard at work in making Zcoin a usable currency in the real world and we hope that partnerships such as this further strengthen the usability of Zcoin.