Along with the release of its new version, 13.8.10, Zcoin has introduced its long-awaited mnemonic recovery phrase feature. The feature which introduces a new layer of security to the network allows users to back up their funds and sigma mints with a single seed phrase, as opposed to saving a wallet.dat file.

Upon creating a new Zcoin wallet, users will be prompted to choose between a 24 or 12-word seed phrase, which can be further encrypted with a passphrase. The new feature is BIP39 compatible, allowing users to import seed phrases from Trezor and Ledger onto the Zcoin desktop wallet.

The new feature does not support existing/older wallets. To enjoy the mnemonic seed backup feature, users will need to create new wallets. Zcoin has also noted that private keys are not backed up by mnemonics and therefore should not be imported.

On a lighter note, users can store their passphrase on a Zcoin-branded Satoblade instead of using a paper or electronic device. The limited-edition (only 100 units available) modular security solution is made of 100% stainless steel 304 and cost $69, shipping included.

The Satoblade works very well with mnemonics as well as the BIP39 standard only requires the first four letters of each word to be written down. The Satoblade supports 104 characters and for a 24-word mnemonic, you only need 96 (max) characters. They also work for any coin that has BIP39 support.