The Zcoin team in a recent post has revealed what it will be working on in 2020 and beyond.

On privacy, more work will be going into Zcoin’s next-gen privacy protocol, Lelantus. The new privacy protocol tackles issues such as fixed denominations, performance and a trusted setup. By allowing users to burn old coins and redeem them for brand new coins without a transaction history, Lelantus boasts of an improved privacy feature.

The protocol also allows for Direct Anonymous Transactions by allowing users to transfer their rights to redeem brand new coins to third parties.

Moving forward, the Znode network and payments are expected to be linked to on-chain data. BLS signature scheme will be utilized to achieve improved security and scalability of services relying on Znodes. Finally, ChainLocks will be used to prevent 51% attacks and double spends.

On the tokenization of the platform, Elysium will enable the creation of custom tokens of Zcoin’s blockchain. Subsequently, Elysium will support the Sigma privacy protocol in addition to Dandelion++ routing.

Efforts are also expected to go into revamping the desktop wallet, enabling an in-wallet swap feature and adding Sigma privacy support in the Edge mobile wallet.

Our Rich GUI wallet will transition to become the default main wallet as soon as mnemonic support is added along with performance improvements. We are also working on a SPV mode for the GUI to allow fast syncing.

Meanwhile, the Zcoin team is calling on members of its community to share their views on issues such a PoW change, governance, block reward distribution and Snowglobe pre-consensus.