Today, Zcore has announced their latest product: ZCore Messenger (previously ZChat). This application will provide a unique communication experience that goes beyond features offered by current messaging apps.

Instead of using third-party servers, the team is building a platform with its own infrastructure and code.

ZCore Messenger is a symbol of the convergence between the needs of the community and the core objectives of the project. After all, the software will not only be a chat app, but a messenger with features thought especially for the ZCore community and crypto enthusiasts in general
— Erick Costa, ZCore founder.


One of the important aspects of ZCore Messenger, is that it integrates a native wallet. This will make sure you have control over your coins.

The application will bring channels and groups with unlimited memberships as well, and, on top of that integrated video and audio calling capabilities.


There is no doubt that safety is one of ZCore's pillars. Therefore, ZCore Messenger will have 100% data traffic encryption to shield users and will keep balances on the blockchain, without storing this information on the user’s device.

The crypto-economical philosophy tells us that users have to be able to keep possession of their resources without restriction, without locks and maintenance fees.

Investments in the project

The ZCore project started in December 2018 with an initial investment from investors who deeply believe in the project. In addition to the development of ZCore Messenger, this investment is destined to create a fund that will serve as an anchor for the operations of the ZMS platform, which uses Amazon servers (AWS), widely considered the best in the VPS market.

Our platform ensures safety, comfort, and ease of use for Masternodes owners of more than 70 coins hosted on ZMS.

The team believes that, in addition to the quality of service, the coin’s fair pricing policy is a very important aspect to users. Currently, the platform’s plans are available in the lowest market prices, starting at $1.99 per MN, per month.

ZCore Central Application

While development of ZCore Messenger is in full swing, ZCore has yet another important announcement coming in the next few days: the ZCore Central application, a ZMS platform-wide Masternodes Management Hub. This module will gather and provide information from ZCore and ZCR wallet linked to the account.

Within this application, ZMS Masternode owners will have control of their investments in the palm of their hand: from renewing servers to storing and transferring ZCR to other users.

ZCore 2.0

The ZCore team will prepare a swap for this semester aiming the further improvement of adoption. This update will implement two key technologies:

  • PoS to improve service and increase protection against 51% attacks.
  • The inclusion of the Governance system.

More information about ZCore

The team has been working tirelessly to improve the user experience and deliver real value to those who believe in the project. The result is the positive feedback from the public and, consequently, the coin’s prices: ZCore has an important track record of valuation and, more importantly, stability in the face of a continually changing market.

Zcore adoption is increasing steadily, which for example can be seen by the percentage of coins locked in Masternodes. Zcore often can be found on the top position in this metric, as shown on top ranking site Masternodes.Online.

The numbers on the ZMS platform keeps growing every day. As by February 2019, the system has more than 3,380 Masternodes, making ZMS one of the most prominent platforms in the ecosystem.

In addition to receiving important financial contributions, ZCore has obtained prominent listings in the world of crypto-economics, increasing the group of advisors with names of relevance and featuring Token Stratum Blu, an investment fund of one of the largest groups of cryptocoin services worldwide.

ZCore's plans are ambitious, but all of this is only the beginning.

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