We’d like to congratulate ZCore on becoming the largest masternode hosting service provider in the world. ZCore got added to our Masternode Hosting Directory 30 days ago and was the second largest masternode hosting provider at that time.

As at press time, ZCore had activated 10,268 nodes on its platform, 89 nodes higher than what is running on Gentarium’s platform. Over 1,700 node operators have opted to use ZCore’s service in the last 30 days. It is, however, worth stating that regarding the number of supported masternode coins, Gentarium still has the highest number of masternodes available. If you want to see which masternodes are available on which platform, be sure to visit our Masternode Hosting Directory.


The Zcore Masternodes Systems has been dubbed “the complete platform for your masternode”. It features dashboard and monitoring, shared VPS hosting with fixed IP and a plethora of coins, as well as an on-the-go notification by either SMS, Telegram or Discord. All of these features come at a meagre price of $1.99 monthly, paid in ZCR.