As ZCore draws closer to unveiling its 2.0 update, members of the dev team have initiated a coin swap. Users are advised to swap their coins before block 490,000, after which transactions on the old chain will become invalid and all old coins and pre-mines of the new ZCore will be burned.

Swapping older coins is relatively easy. First, users need to backup their v1.6 wallet.dat file then proceed to download and install the new ZCore v2.0.0 wallet. Users are expected to generate a new wallet address to initiate a swap request. Old coins will be sent to a designated v1.6 address and new coins will be subsequently paid to new addresses.

One of the major highlights of ZCore 2.0 is the introduction of the ZCore Foundation. The Foundation will champion efforts targeted at attracting investors and improving the ecosystem.

The Foundation aims to provide legal support to drive initiatives that add quality and professionalism to the ZCore ecosystem. The Foundation will be backed by a development fund, which aims to increase credibility and provide a healthy financial environment to keep project development in several areas.