Still on its path to create a cryptocurrency that is truly accessible to everyone, ZCore has demonstrated how to use one of the products under its ZCore Pay service – the Zcore Pay POS. The point-of-sale terminal allows merchants to receive in-store payments in cryptocurrencies.

During the demonstration, 10 cents was paid in Ethereum using the device. To receive payment, a merchant needs to input the value of the transaction and select the preferred cryptocurrency for settling the transaction. The device automatically converts the inputted amount to its crypto equivalent and a QR code will be generated.

On the customer side, payment was made from the ZCore Pay mobile wallet. Once a user is logged in, the QR code can be scanned to initiate payment.

Similar to conventional POS terminals, a receipt was printed for both the customer and the merchant.

It is also worth noting that the entire transaction was completed in a few seconds, suggesting that the payment option could stand side-by-side with existing payment options.