ZCore is being restructured to spearhead the development of the project. For a start, the ZCore Foundation will be introduced in ZCore 2.0 update. The Foundation will provide all-round support to drive the quality of the ecosystem. Backed by a development fund, the Foundation will zero-in on marketing and attracting investors, listing on exchanges, and upgrading the currency’s infrastructure. Finally, the Foundation will release periodic reports detailing how allocated funds are being managed.

ZCore is also bringing some improvements to its masternode hosting platform, which is currently the largest in the world. In addition to being listed on the platform, each coin will now have a dedicated Masternode Explorer. The Explorer will provide useful information about the project and its masternodes. Details such as IP, wallet version, status and rewards will be readily available to users.

As part of efforts to streamline its product offerings and focus on what is really important, ZCore has discontinued its Messenger service. The team blamed a crowded market for its decision.

The messenger market is becoming more and more crowded, and the commitment to product quality makes it impracticable at this time to continue investing in a ZCore communicator. ZCore’s ongoing restructuring requires a greater focus on projects with objective results and thus ZCore Messenger will be postponed.

The ZCore App has also received an overhaul, resulting in two distinct apps – Zcore Pay and ZCore Central. ZCore Pay will function as a mobile cold wallet while ZCore Central will give users access to the ecosystem’s products and services in one place.