ZCore has become the latest masternode hosting platform to join our Hosting Directory. Zcore is an innovative blockchain services platform with several applications; Zcore Ads, ZCore Masternodes, ZCore App Wallet, ZCore Payments, ZCore Governance and ZCore Messenger.

Of particular interest is ZCore’s masternode and their ZCore Masternodes System Platform (ZMS). For a start, ZCore is an open-source proof-of-work (mining-based) cryptocurrency with a robust and decentralized masternode network. There are currently over 560 ZCore masternodes and the collateral for hosting a masternode is 5,000 ZCR tokens. The cryptocurrency is ASICs resistant and can be mined by GPU, CPU or mining pools.

The Zcore Masternodes Systems has been dubbed “the complete platform for your masternode”. It features dashboard and monitoring, shared VPS hosting with fixed IP and a plethora of coins, as well as on-the-go notification by either SMS, Telegram or Discord. All of these features come at a meagre price of $1.99 monthly, paid in ZCR.

Source: ZCore

ZMS has grown steadily to become the second largest masternode hosting platform in the world with 111 supported coins and over 8500 hosted masternodes. The easy setup, responsive interface and monitoring options make it a preferred choice among non-tech masternode operators.

The ZMS Platform allows you to create a cold wallet to the coins allocated as collateral to your masternode, for the ZCore cryptocurrency and other masternode coins, without having to deal with servers, technical knowledge or command lines. This lowers the entry barrier to the masternodes market for non-technical people.

Finally, on ZCore’s masternode system, the team is rounding up development on the system’s API. This will allow developers to build their own hosting for masternodes.

Another important aspect of ZCore that is not entirely related to masternodes is its Messenger platform. ZCore Messenger is up and running and it is the “world’s fi­rst messenger communicator with multiple coins portfolio.”

ZCore Messenger will be the beginning of a new era in the world of cryptocurrency. We will start with listing ZCore and Bitcoin, and after that, thousands of coins will be listed on the app.
Erick Costa, ZCore founder.

Users will be able to send multiple cryptocurrencies from their smartphones, make HD calls, share files and engage in group chats.

With ZCore joining our masternode hosting directory, we now have 10 masternode hosting platforms to choose from. Expect more integrations in the future!

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