The ZCore mobile platform application is a useful and intelligent app, which serves important information and single utilities to the users and with security functions that provide a better experience in handling digital assets.

With the hardwallet concept, the security of ZCR will be ensured on the Blockchain. ZCore has integrated the platform with the full control of users' masternodes. That way, you can use a smartphone to control all details of your MN hosted on our platform.
Erick Costa, ZCore creator

Through the ZCore Desktop Wallet, it’s also possible to control the same wallet already used in the mobile application. This brings many enhancements to the user, as they will only use a single address in Blockchain. Shared wallets are also integrated in the app: Users can use shared balances with business partners. Payments can be done using the mobile camera to scan the QR Codes and pay with just one click.

Push Notifications

All investors of Masternodes can control invoices, status monitoring and rewards through the app, which has a very intuitive design.

Investors of multiple projects will have many options: Push notifications will bring news and updates. This will keep investors always up to date, because they don’t need to sign-up to all Discord channels or constantly search for important updates of all projects that they have invested in.

You will receive push notifications of wallet updates, important news, monitoring of status and rewards on your investments, the app will send push specified in accordance with the masternodes hosted by each user.
Though the app it’s possible to send a payment to a friend or business partner. This can be done on WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook or other social media in just 1 click.
— Juarez Junior, ZCore Team - Governance & Marketing

The app will have many possibilities for devs as well. Each Team will be able to put news and informations that they want to share with the community.

The Team will soon release a new feature: An option where users can post stories of the cryptoworld. Each user's post can be remunerated to other app users, using ZCR.

The members of ZCore Team will be in the Bitconf, an important conference of Bitcoin and Blockchain at Brazil that happening in the next month.

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