As part of its version 3.1 update, ZCore Mobile Wallet now supports multi-seed. For some insight, a multi-seed wallet allows a user to manage several blockchain wallets from a single app.

ZCore’s mobile wallet enables the storage of several cryptocurrencies and is safeguarded by a 24-word seed phrase. According to the ZCore team, digital assets are not stored on any particular server. Instead, the app only executes blockchain transactions for each of the respective digital asset from their servers. And on this note, funds and private keys are only available to the user.

Upon launching the ZCore Wallet as a new user, a 24-word seed phrase will be generated. This seed phrase is needed to restore a user’s account in the case of theft or loss of a smartphone. It is important to securely store a physical backup of this seed phrase.

Other features of the 3.1 update include free creation of mobile masternodes, a dashboard upgrade, blockchain messaging, and signature of messages.

As per the mobile masternodes feature, the ZCore wallet app relies on ZCore Central, a masternode rental platform for VPS servers. The app automatically rents a VPS to host masternodes on-the-go. Masternode hosting costs $0.07 daily per masternode, and can be paid in Bitcoin, Zcore, or ZCore token.