ZCore has unveiled its new social media platform, the ZCore Social Network. ZCore (ZCR coin) is the default digital currency of the network and in addition to interacting on the platform, users can earn ZCR for creating content.

Earn ZCore (ZCR) coins by interacting on our social network, creating text, video or image content, and by liking and commenting on other users' posts.

Users can also earn coins every time they refer a friend who signs up for a Premium plan. The premium package is available to all users and comes with a weekly, monthly, yearly and even lifetime payment plan in ZCR. Premium users enjoy special benefits such as a verified user icon and the ability to boost posts and pages on the network.

The utility of the ZCore Social Network extends beyond being just a social media platform. It features a marketplace, a crowdfunding system, and a job market. Users can advertise their products and services on the platform, as well as post job openings on the network. It is also worth stating that users can create crowdfunding campaigns on the social network and receive 100% of the amount raised.

The launch of ZCore’s Social Network brings more utility to ZCR coin. This is in line with the team’s vision to create a cryptocurrency that is accessible to everyone.