The ZCore team has launched a new token, ZCRT. The token is linked to a payment system and features a turn-key POS solution in hardware and software. Whilst it may seem counterproductive to launch a new token since the network already has ZCR, ZCRT targets faster transactions and is aimed at investments. The functions of both tokens will be complementary.

Following its release, ZCRT will be accepted at a means of payment for ZCore Pay in both physical terminals and as free software on PCs and mobile devices. In addition to ZCRT, payments can be made with Bitcoin, Ethereum and ZCore on the ZCore Pay platform.

The solution works as a crypto payment solution that follows all local laws. It all starts in Brazil, where the ZCore team is based.

Talking about the economics of the token, ZCRT has a max supply of 1,000,000. To protect against speculative attacks, distribution of tokens will run through an “Initial Issue Period” for 30 days. During this phase, ZCR holders who wish to partially or completely swap their tokens will be required to contact the devs. The conversion will be done on a ratio of 10:1 with 10 units of ZCR equaling 1 unit of ZCRT. Subsequently, users can purchase ZCRT on exchanges at the price of 1 ETH. Every ZCR that is swapped during the Initial Issue Period will be burned and removed from circulation while the remaining ZCRT tokens will be returned to the Ethereum Blockchain.

Current ZCore users will drive the initial demand for the token and kick start the appreciation curve. 70% of the total supply will be destined to ZCore swap for 30 days.