Following ZCore’s meeting in early May in São Paulo, Brazil, the cryptocurrency project and world’s largest masternode hosting service will be updating their roadmap. The move is geared towards fostering professionalism, enthusiasm and organization in Zcore.

ZCore aims to keep up with the evolving cryptocurrency market space, thus, the need to innovate and welcome new ideas.

We realized that the market has advanced and require of us the responsibility of innovating and renewing our actuation for [the] next steps.

Speaking on the upcoming rollout, the team noted that the development of ZCore 2.0 is complete and fully functional. Details on its release and upcoming SWAP will be revealed subsequently. Additionally, ZCore has set up a Foundation to direct the actions and development of the project.

Finally, the project has registered the Zcore Blockchain Services under DUNS registry. A DUNS (Data Universal Number System) number, otherwise known as the social security number for businesses is linked to a company's business credit profile with Dun & Bradsheet. It reveals the financial stability of a company.