The Horizen team has announced the listing of its privacy-centric cryptocurrency, ZEN, on Metal Pay. Metal Pay, a leading Android and iOS crypto payments app in the US will allow ZEN users to seamlessly purchase and transfer their digital assets.

According to the Horizen team, the partnership brings a new level of usability to ZEN. This is because Metal Pay does away with long receiving and sending addresses. The app uses a unique payment system which allows users to send or receive payments by simply selecting a contact.

Being able to send and receive ZEN easily allows us to bring ZEN to the people who feel that cryptocurrency is complicated by doing away with the long receiving addresses and confusing exchanges.

Some of the features and benefits that the Metal Pay app will bring to the Horizen community includes an option to send cryptos in USD, secured FDIC-backed transactions, zero fees when sending money and a Metal coin cashback program.

Talking about the spread of the app, Metal Pay is available in most US states and rapidly expanding. The app also supports 25 cryptocurrencies, ZEN inclusive.