It has always been a game of cat and mouse between blockchain-based companies and those who try to exploit loopholes in cryptocurrency frameworks. One of such loopholes is a “51% attack”. Owing to the fact that blockchain is decentralized and relies on nodes to validate transactions, it becomes difficult for anyone to alter or manipulate a transaction once it has been uploaded to a blockchain network. A transaction is deemed valid and true if a majority of the nodes in the network confirm it so. Sadly, there is the possibility that a single individual or group of individuals control more than 50% of a blockchain network. Such power offers the opportunity to manipulate a transaction and double spend; this is referred to as a “51% attacked”.

ZEN which is a privacy coin has announced a software upgrade from version 2.0.14 to 2.0.15. The upgrade which is has been scheduled for 27 September is meant to prevent any possible 51% attack.

Users have been advised to update their wallets before 10 October, since the current version will no longer run from the said date. The ZEN team noted that:

All mining pools, node operators, and Swing wallet users must upgrade to ZEN 2.0.15 prior to block 392512 which will occur around midnight on October 10th.

Some new features of the updated ZEN version include:

  • An updated logo
  • 51% attack prevention code
  • Updated RPC commands and thread names with the new Horizen name