According to a 2018 “Global Digital” report from We Are Social and Hootsuite, about 4 billion people are on the internet. Although this is a remarkable feat when considering the percentage of internet users from few years ago, it still points to the fact that approximately half of the population of the world does not make use of the internet. Put differently, about 3.2 billion people cannot perform mobile banking or online shopping.

Cryptocurrency project, Horizen (which is gunning to worldwide adoption), has through a partnership with CoinTigo announced that ZEN users all over the world can now send and receive the cryptocurrency with just a text. So, whether there is internet access or not, ZEN users can easily perform financial transactions from their mobile phones. Putting this is numbers, more than 5 billion worldwide can now send and receive ZEN, if they so decide.

Quoting an official blog post from the Horizen team, they noted that:

Horizen’s Latin America team has already seen Venezuelan refugees using ZEN via SMS to purchase food and supplies for their families.

In addition to being able to send and receive ZEN via test, users can also check their ZEN balance, create a deposit address, or store their ZEN on their phone’s wallet.