Since the advent of Bitcoin and the phenomenal spike in prices of several cryptocurrencies in late 2017, we have seen new players enter into the crypto space. While the future and direction of this nascent technology, blockchain, is still uncertain, it is no news that blockchain transactions are already disruption traditional financial systems as we know. Probably, we may get to see digital assets replace fiat money, and be able to perform day to day transactions with cryptos.

In line with this possibility, ZenCash has announced that users should expect ATM transactions in the nearest future:

Soon, you can deposit & withdraw #zencash just like your local fiat money with a Trilliant #cryptocurrency ATM! @trilliantio will also be accepting $ZEN for their token sale. Stay tuned for more exciting updates & future promotions!

ZenCash is a privacy coin in the class of ZCash, Monero, Dash, and several other privacy-conscious cryptos. Trilliant, on the other hand, is building the infrastructure for cryptocurrency adoption, such as withdrawing and depositing cryptocurrencies from ATM terminals.

Trilliant makes the highly lucrative cryptocurrency ATM business accessible to everyone.

As part of their roadmap, the company aims to have about 500 crypto ATMs manufactured and functioning by the end of 2019. However, at least 50 ATMs are expected to be running by Q3 of 2018, as a minimum viable product (MVP).

The success of this partnership and project will see ZenCash become available to a broad range of audience.