Masternode coin, Zest has kissed the crypto market goodbye. The founder of the project, Mike made the announcement on Discord and has proceeded to close all the project’s social media channels. Attempts to reach Mike have also been futile since he closed his personal Twitter account as well.

Closed Twitter channel
Closed Discord channel

It is still unclear as to whether the closure is an exit scam or whether the team genuinely ran into some operational crises. However, it has been confirmed that the team will not be working on the project any longer.

We were able to gather the following from a post by Mike on Discord.

  1. Some investors will be losing out on their investment since the project does not have the resources to refund everyone.
  2. Refunds will be made based on how much an individual contributed to the development of the project.
  3. The liquidation of Cryptopia affected Zest since its founder had a lot of his digital assets on the exchange.