ApeCoin DAO Shoots Down Several Improvement Proposals

The popular decentralized autonomous organization has rejected a number of proposals, including one that sought to teach yoga and give healing sessions.

Voting on a handful of Ape Improvement Proposals (AIPs) ended on October 19. However, none of the four proposals were approved by the community. AIPs 322, 327, 328, and 332 all failed to rally enough support to be ratified.

Yoga Proposal: Namaste, No

Back in July, Vidhu Raghavan requested an ecosystem fund allocation to build a space that provides mental and physical wealth programs through sessions, subscriptions, and pre-recorded videos. The program, which would feature exercises such as meditation, inner transformation, yoga, and martial arts practices was billed to happen on the metaverse.

The implementation of AIP-327 would be spearheaded by a six-man team, and serve $APE holders as the courses can only be purchased using the APE token. The project requested $146,635 to get things started. However, despite the positive reception the idea received in the Ape forum, it was largely rejected by voters on Snapshot.

More than 97% of the voting power rejected the idea, with some voters saying that the timing for the project was not right.

I support the concept and vision of this AIP. However, I’m not convinced its mission/vision aligned with the immediate needs of the DAO,” one of the voters wrote.

We’re Going to the Moon, Not the ATM

AIP-328, a proposal to list ApeCoin on COINHERO’s crypto ATM network in preparation for ApeFest 2023 in Hong Kong, has also been rejected by the community. Coming from CoinHero, a company that provides ATM services to facilitate buying and selling digital assets, the proposal requested $24,200 in APE to facilitate the listing.

Although it faired slightly better than AIP-317 in the governance round, it was still rejected. Approximately 77% of the voters kicked against the idea, with some expressing concerns over the company’s status as a licensed crypto-related operator.

Apes Don’t Need Hubs, We Have Trees (aka Discord)

In August, the CEO and co-founder of Tokenproof, Fonz, pitched an idea on the ApeCoin forum to create an Apecoin Community Hub within the Tokenproof mobile app. The end goal was to help increase community participation, enable member onboarding, highlight community projects, and further incentivize ownership of ApeCoin.

While it’s no secret that disseminating information is a major challenge in many decentralized communities, Apes do not think having a community hub is necessary. As a result, AIP-332 was shot down, dashing Tokenproof’s hopes of securing funding of $80,000 from the DAO. One of the members of the DAO who goes by the pseudonym name “BAYC” said:

This is a cool idea but I don’t think people will go on the tokenproof app to find information. Discord is a better choice as people leave it open all day on their computers.

In general, approximately 93% of the voters, accounting for 8.9 million $APE voted against the proposal.

Papercraft? That’s So Pre-Metaverse

Did your childhood feature elements of origami and flying paper toys? Sadly, members of the ApeCoin community may never get to re-live those experiences following the rejection of AIP-322. Early Thursday morning, the Web3 community turned down a proposal to create a free papercraft model of the Apecoin logo; an unlimited digital edition and 101 units of a physical edition.

The objective of the proposal was to “engage the Apecoin community in a fun and creative” while promoting Apecoin as a friendly and approachable cryptocurrency. However, it was an easy pass for the DAO as over 97% of the voters rejected the proposal.