Birake Gears Up for Crypto Summer with Enhancements and Partnerships

Cryptocurrency exchange Birake is preparing for the anticipated market upswing with a series of user-centric upgrades and exciting partnerships. As part of their commitment to customer satisfaction, Birake is actively enhancing the trading experience and security of their platform.

Enhanced Trading Features:

  • Dogecoin Arrives: Popular memecoin Dogecoin is now available for trading on Birake, offering users access to a wider range of digital assets.
  • Simplified Trading: Birake introduces “Subsatoshi Trading,” rounding trade pairs to full Satoshis, eliminating confusion and simplifying the trading process. Say goodbye to confusing decimals!
  • Military-Grade Security: The crypto exchange has also bolstered API security with cutting-edge elliptic curve cryptography based on military standards, ensuring user privacy and asset protection.
  • Performance Boost: Significant upgrades have been made to Birake’s server and network infrastructure result in lightning-fast trade execution and improved platform reliability.

Partnership Spotlight: Flits Wallet

Meanwhile, Birake highlights the recent success of Flits Wallet, a mobile app specializing in passive income generation through masternode hosting. As reported by Masternode Buzz, Flits has grown rapidly, attracting over 51,000 users and managing a staggering 13,000 active masternodes.

Flits is currently the most traded digital asset on the Birake exchange. This collaboration reinforces Birake’s commitment to providing diversified investment options and fostering innovation within the crypto ecosystem.

Looking Forward:

Birake assures its users that these are just the first steps in a series of exciting developments planned for the upcoming crypto bull run. The team is dedicated to making Birake the premier destination for all things crypto, offering a secure, user-friendly platform with diverse features and partnerships. Notably, the Birake team will be rolling out a Fiat On-Ramp on its exchange platform soon.

Important Note:

This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. Birake’s services are currently unavailable to US citizens due to regulatory restrictions. Please refer to Birake’s official channels for complete disclaimers and terms of service.