ENS welcomes new Foundation Director

The decentralized autonomous organization of the popular Ethereum Name Service, ENS DAO, has elected a new Foundation Director following the resignation of Brantly Millegan. The DAO has voted for Alex Van de Sande to replace the outgoing director.

In April, ENS DAO began receiving nominations for the position of a new ENS Foundation Director. The move trailed Millegan’s decision to step down from the position as one of the three directors of the ENS Foundation.

Sequel to the call for nominees, only two candidates successfully met the requirements – Sean Murray and Alex Van de Sande. Members of the DAO had the option to vote for either of the candidates, abstain from the governance process, or vote for “none of the above.”

The Snapshot page for the proposal shows that Alex received the bulk of the DAO votes, with more than 88% of the community’s voting power endorsing him. While 11.7% chose to abstain from the process, Murray received less than 1% of the voting power.

Looking at the profile of Alex, the new director is actually one of the co-founders of ENS and was a part of the Ethereum Foundation from 2014 to 2018. He was also involved in launching the first Ethereum wallet and Web3 browser, as well as creating the first ENS registrar. Given his accolades and contributions to ENS and the larger Ethereum community, it comes as no surprise that he secured a greater share of the votes.

Back in February, the former director Brantly came under fire for his stance against issues such as homosexualism, abortion, and transgenderism. There was a failed attempt to remove him as a director on March 5. However, this was shortly followed by his decision to step down about two weeks later.