Flits Back in Action: Masternode App Returns with New Upgrades and User-Centric Design

Poised for a new chapter, Flits, a decentralized app enabling user-driven participation in masternode and staking opportunities, has resumed operations with enhanced security measures and a streamlined user experience. The revamp focuses on empowering users to generate passive income from their crypto assets through a secure and accessible platform.

Flits is lauded as the first iOS and Android wallet with decentralized masternodes and cold staking features. Released in 2019, the mobile dApp allows users to earn passive income by staking their crypto or by hosting decentralized masternodes. Although the app has been largely inactive since 2021, the new team behind the project has used this time to meticulously address user feedback and roll out some changes.

Wallet and Masternoding

It is worth mentioning that satellite features such as swaps and cold staking are currently not enabled in the revamped app. However, users can securely store their digital assets while generating passive returns from deploying a masternode. The revamped app features a user-friendly interface designed for both beginners and experienced users alike.

Setting up a masternode within Flits is an easy process that does not require any technical skills. Users can choose from more than 15 coins and deploy their masternodes with just a few clicks.

Speaking of masternodes, Flits has integrated the Decenomy Multinode Script, which allows masternode operators to install more than one masternode of each coin on the same VPS.

Not Your Keys, Not Your Coins

Flits prioritizes non-custodial control, empowering investors to directly manage their private keys and navigate the evolving world of passive crypto income with confidence and autonomy. In addition to frequent security audits, the app offers a 2-factor authentication that features passcode and biometrics.


One of the major selling points of the Flits masternoding service is its affordable pricing. Priced at just 21 cents a month, the app is unarguably the most affordable in its class.

In general, Flits is an innovative wallet and masternode service that takes earning dividends from cryptocurrency to the next level. Its improved functionality streamlines the process of earning passive income through crypto holdings while its decentralized infrastructure removes reliance on centralized custodians, promoting user control and autonomy.