FWB DAO to debut second cohort of Fellowships program

Sequel to the success of the first FWB Fellowships program, Friends with Benefits (FWB) DAO is set to launch a second cohort.

A proposal passed on Monday night reveals that the DAO will be re-establishing its Fellowships program with “a new cohort of 25 artists, builders, and thinkers interested in broadening their understanding of web3 and making an impact in wider communities.”

One of the primary goals of the Fellowships program is to attract new talents into the FWB community and wider Web3 space. The 25 selected candidates will participate in a 3-month fellowship cohort, which will feature an educational program about Web3 concepts.

At the end of the program, Fellows will be required to test their skills on an impact-based project, within or outside of the FWB ecosystem. This could be anything from hosting an event or creating an art piece.

According to the proposal, a self-nominated committee of FWB members will be involved in selecting the 25 candidates. However, the list will be brought before the wider community for a final selection in a Snapshot vote.

Speaking of Snapshot, the proposal received enough votes to scale through despite some opposition from some members of the DAO. Approximately 66% of the voting power rallied behind the idea. Interestingly, the largest voter, with 3.5K FWB tokens voted against the proposal. Some members also voiced their disapproval through comments on their transactions. One user criticized the lack of “accountability” and “details on outcomes and criteria for inclusion.”

Once a buzzing DAO, FWB is a token-gated community for creatives. In October 2021, the DAO concluded a $10M seed round led by a16z. However, like many DAOs, the once-hyped collective appears to be a shadow of its former self. For instance, joining the group would have cost nearly $10k in Oct of 2021 when 1 $FWB traded for ~$130. However, it costs less than $300 to join FWB DAO as of June 6, 2023.