“Sapphire is strongly positioned against market leaders,” DECENOMY founder Urs Schwinger says in an interview

Originally a masternode coin, Sapphire has evolved into the central currency within the DECEMONY ecosystem, aiming to bridge the gap between the digital and real economies. In this exclusive interview, DECENOMY founder Urs Schwinger sheds light on the future of Sapphire, a cryptocurrency with a fascinating backstory.

1. Can you tell us about the history of Sapphire? What gaps is the cryptocurrency project trying to fill?

Sapphire was originally a masternode cryptocurrency project launched by independent developers. At the end of 2019, Sapphire became the first coin to be integrated into the DECENOMY ecosystem, with development responsibility passing to the DECENOMY team. From that point onwards, Sapphire experienced an impressive increase in its price value from below USD 0.001 to almost USD 1.00 within three years, underlining the strong market demand and confidence in the project. The plan was for SAPP to become the central currency within DECENOMY, against which all other coins would be measured. However, in 2022, several unfavourable market actions caused Sapphire’s price to plummet before it could be backed by real economic value.

This experience initiated a strategic reorientation within DECENOMY: Before attempting to increase Sapphire’s share price value again, economic values should first be anchored in the ecosystem as security. This strategic turnaround, planned for the second quarter of 2024, should not only ensure the coin’s stability, but also result in a significant price increase, as securing it with real values will strengthen investor confidence and increase Sapphire’s attractiveness as an investment.

DECENOMY as an economic platform utilises blockchain technology and AI to make transactions more efficient, transparent and fair. DECENOMY plans to strengthen Sapphire and significantly increase its value by integrating real assets, which should make it more attractive to investors.

2. Who are the key players behind the SAPP project and what are their backgrounds?

The Sapphire project is characterised by its strong community and integration into the DECENOMY ecosystem, where it acts as a lead currency. This status links Sapphire directly to real economic values, which gives the coin additional stability and relevance. Sapphire is technically supported by the DECENOMY development team, which has created a technical platform that secures the coin and offers it new functionalities with the development of the DECENOMY Standard Wallet (DSW). This combination of community support, economic integration and technical innovation forms the foundation for the development and success of Sapphire.

3. Are there additional privileges and benefits, such as governance, that masternode operators enjoy in addition to financial gains?

Masternode operators of Sapphire (SAPP) enjoy additional privileges beyond financial returns, especially in project governance. They have voting rights in important decisions concerning the development and direction of Sapphire. This allows Masternode holders to actively participate in the decision-making process and influence the future of the project. Such governance rights reinforce decentralisation and closely involve the community in the further development of Sapphire, making Masternodes an integral part of the ecosystem.

4. Can you give an overview of the main innovations and infrastructure of Sapphire’s blockchain?

The Sapphire blockchain offers several key innovations and a developed infrastructure. Central to this are the masternodes, which provide security and enable features such as governance and fast, private transactions. The DECENOMY Standard Wallet (DSW) simplifies use with a user-friendly interface for managing SAPP and setting up masternodes. Another innovative aspect is the integration of SAPP as the lead currency in the DECENOMY ecosystem, linking Sapphire to real-world assets to promote stability and value preservation. This combination of technology and real economic connection makes the Sapphire blockchain particularly stable and future-proof.

5. How does the Sapphire cryptocurrency compare to the market leaders in terms of transaction speed, privacy, security and decentralisation?

Sapphire is strongly positioned against market leaders in the areas of data protection, security and decentralisation. Currently, transaction speeds are more than adequate, but DECENOMY is working on future developments that are expected to deliver significant speed improvements. These improvements are not currently required, but preparing for future requirements demonstrates DECENOMY’s proactive approach. Data protection is emphasised by privacy features and security benefits from a robust masternode network. The strong decentralisation through community involvement in governance processes underlines the decentralised nature of Sapphire.

6. Does Sapphire have a public roadmap? What developments are on the horizon in terms of decentralisation, UX improvements, exchange listings, etc.?

A public roadmap for Sapphire is planned, but it is not expected to be published until Q3/2024. This step is directly related to the finalisation of important technical decisions, the start of cooperation with the first economic partners who will financially support and use the coin, and the clarification of final legal issues. These milestones form the basis for the future development and direction of Sapphire.

Sapphire is planning significant developments in terms of decentralisation, user experience (UX) and exchange listings. Decentralisation remains a key objective to strengthen community engagement and make the network more secure and resilient to centralised threats. UX improvements are also an important part of upcoming developments, with the aim of making Sapphire more user-friendly and facilitating adoption by new users.

Sapphire is currently listed on three smaller exchanges, with the main exchange being BIRAKE. The plan for 2025 is to list SAPP on significantly more exchanges, provided there is sufficient trading volume. This strategy aims to increase the liquidity and accessibility of Sapphire and thus promote the growth and presence of the coin on the global crypto market.

7. How large and active is the Sapphire crypto community currently? How many active developers or contributors are there?

The Sapphire crypto community has around 20,000 members and is known for its high level of engagement. In addition to the 10 developers who are actively involved in the further development of Sapphire and the functions of the DECENOMY ecosystem, support also plays an important role. This is provided by both the developers and members of the community in order to offer comprehensive support and assistance for users. This close collaboration within the community contributes significantly to the optimisation of the user experience and the continuous improvement of the platform.

8. Are there any notable partners or applications currently being developed using the Sapphire blockchain infrastructure?

Yes, there are financially strong partners and notable applications currently being developed in conjunction with the Sapphire blockchain infrastructure. However, these partnerships and projects are currently still in confidential, final negotiations, so no detailed information can be disclosed at this time. Details of these developments and collaborations are expected to be released in the second quarter of 2024, once discussions have been finalised and agreements reached.

9. Where do you see Sapphire’s place in the wider web3 landscape in 5 years’ time?

In the broader web3 landscape, DECENOMY is positioning itself with a counter-concept to the prevailing, purely financially orientated approaches. By focussing on the real economy, DECENOMY clearly differs from typical Web3 projects. In this context, Sapphire will play a key role in the DECENOMY economic space over the next 5 years. As the central reserve currency of the ecosystem, it is intended that Sapphire will not only be managed in terms of quantity, but that its value will also be orientated towards real economic values. This alignment with real economic fundamentals is intended to secure Sapphire a stable and sustainable position within the rapidly evolving Web3 world by providing clear added value and a close link to the real economy.

10. What is the main benefit of using and supporting Sapphire for current crypto users? Is the goal to complement or directly compete with the major chains?

The main benefit of using and supporting Sapphire for current crypto users is its strategic alignment within the DECENOMY ecosystem, which aims to be firmly anchored in the real economy. Sapphire differentiates itself by functioning as a central reserve currency tied to real economic value. This link provides users with exceptional stability and reliability rarely found in the volatile world of cryptocurrencies.

Sapphire aims to become an integral part of the broader crypto and Web3 landscape, both by providing a complement to the major blockchains and by taking a significant role in the digital economy. It does not compete directly with the big chains; instead, it strives to bridge the gap between the digital and real economies. With this vision, Sapphire is positioning itself for a bright future in which it has a significant impact on the integration of blockchain technologies into everyday economic processes and the broader financial market. Through this unique positioning and focus on real economy connectivity, Sapphire is at the forefront of a movement that aims to revolutionise the way we think about cryptocurrencies and their application in the real world.