ApeCoin DAO to roll out Delegate Community Program

Earlier today, ApeCoin DAO ratified a proposal seeking to establish a framework for building a “Delegate Community Program.” The initiative is expected to foster inclusivity and decentralization of cultural governance.

Created by a member of the DAO known as NFD, the proposal argues that ApeCoin DAO is plagued with two primary issues ­– “a lack of engagement/participation and a lack of growth.” Although conceptual, the Delegate Community Program seeks to address these issues through the creation of “Delegate Communities” that will function more or less like sub-DAOs.

ApeCoin DAO participation lacks representation from communities outside of Yuga Labs, limiting the diversity of perspectives. The “Inclusive Governance: Delegate Community Program” addresses this by incentivizing leading NFT projects to participate in the ApeCoin DAO, serving as an onboarding tool for builders from those communities and fostering engagement with the broader ApeCoin ecosystem.

The DAO will be able to delegate voting rights to selected communities, without the transfer of any $Ape tokens. These communities will in turn create Snapshot Organizations to allow their members to vote on proposals using their own NFTs. The outcome of this internal vote will then dictate “the direction of their delegated ApeCoin vote.”

As expected, delegated communities will be incentivized and will receive a yet-to-be-announced shared of $Ape grant for participating in governance processes. Moving forward ApeCoin DAO will have to flesh out details such as the implementation period, rewards and incentives, criteria for selecting delegate communities, and administrative oversight.

Overall, the idea was largely welcomed in the Ape forum, with many members lauding the initiative. One member, MisterHype, wrote:

The idea of creating a network of sub-DAOs and bridging communities to foster cultural stewardship is intriguing. Delegating voting rights to participating communities using their collection NFTs as governance voting tokens can indeed provide a sense of ownership and engagement – we’ve seen with the MocaVerse model.