DECENOMY launches Masternode Multinode Script

Touted as a “one-stop solution” for managing masternodes within its ecosystem, DECENOMY has released a multinode script that will allow users to manage all the masternodes related to DECENOMY.

The DECENOMY Multinode Script offers a plethora of features, including the option to manage the masternodes of several coins in each blockchain, masternode monitoring with explorer, and the ability to keep tabs on the state of a wallet. The tool will also allow users to perform maintenance tasks such as wallet updates, connection management, and bootstraps.

Speaking of updates, the Multinode Script will by default feature the latest wallet coin releases as soon as they become available on each Github repository. This eliminates the need for a new version of the script with every new coin wallet update.

One interesting thing about the DECENOMY script is that unlike other tools in its class, the installation files are not deployed at the root level. Rather, every coin installation will “create its own user ID on the Linux system files, with the coin name serving as the identifier for the deployment location of the coin blockchain respective files.”

Commenting on the script, DECENOMY’s leading technical operational supervisor said:

My idea was a ‘one-stop-solution’ for users to easily handle masternodes without huge technical skills.

Short for a Decentralized Economy, DECENOMY is an umbrella for a decentralized economy seeking to enable new ways of conducting economic transactions with zero inflation, backing cryptocurrencies with real world assets. The company owns and operates 18 blockchains that will eventually reflect different economic branches, like tourism and rental, mobility & electricity, and IT, all powered by blockchain technology.