Decentraland DAO shoots down proposal to create a metaverse dating platform

The DAO of the leading metaverse platform has voted against a proposal seeking to create a virtual dating platform.

Earlier this week, members of the Decentraland DAO voted on a proposal requesting $20,000 in stablecoins to launch LoveSphere, a metaverse dating platform. The two-week-long voting period ended on Monday, with the DAO massively kicking against the idea. Approximately 86% of the community voted against the proposal, with a meager 8% supporting the idea.

According to the proposal, LoveSphere is supposed to provide a new way for users to interact on the metaverse platform. Participants will be able to explore virtual spaces and go on virtual dates in real time.

The $20k budget will be used renting land ($3k), frontend development ($3k), backend development ($4k), graphic design and 3D development ($5k), and sales promotions ($5k).

The proposal, which was put forward by software engineer Akash Gautum, falls under the “in-world content initiative.” It is competing with three other currently active proposals for funds – the Decentraland Bingo Hall Grant proposal, DCL-Community Assets, and 3D Labyrinth. So far, it appears none of the proposals will make the cut.

For LoveSphere, there were some concerns over the budget for land rental. One member suggested renting land to show proof of concept. Another member echoed the same sentiments, adding:

I would like to see a proof of concept and more community involvement before approving.