Does Uniswap Need a Treasury Working Group?

Uniswap DAO, the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) behind the leading decentralized exchange (DEX) protocol, is contemplating the establishment of a Uniswap Treasury Working Group (UTWG). The proposal, which recently passed a temperature check, is asking for around $65,000 to form the UTWG.

The Uniswap treasury currently holds a significant amount of its native UNI token, estimated to be worth nearly $6 billion. However, the vast majority of this wealth resides in the protocol’s native UNI tokens, raising concerns about diversification and maximizing the treasury’s long-term value.

The proposal, authored by Arana Digital and StableLab, highlights the potential benefits of a UTWG:

  • Diversification: Exploring strategies to diversify the treasury’s holdings beyond UNI, mitigating the risks associated with a single-asset composition.
  • Revenue Generation: Identifying potential revenue streams that benefit the Uniswap protocol and its users, potentially through grants, investments, or strategic partnerships.
  • Sustainability: Developing a long-term roadmap for utilizing the treasury to ensure its continued growth and support for the Uniswap ecosystem.

The proposal emphasizes that the UTWG would be purely exploratory in nature, conducting research and formulating recommendations for the Uniswap DAO’s ultimate decision-making.

Community Reaction: A Spectrum of Opinions

The proposal has sparked a lively discussion on the Uniswap governance forum, with community members expressing a range of opinions. Proponents of the UTWG see it as a crucial step towards responsible treasury management. ” The proposal presented here is both timely and forward-thinking. It addresses the critical challenges facing our treasury with a well-structured approach, emphasizing the necessity for legal clarity, the importance of asset diversification, and the power of community involvement,” commented Uniswap community member “Dakotah.”

Others hold a more cautious stance, emphasizing the need for clear guidelines and oversight. ” I am curious what designs this committee would come up with,” commented “Userisky.” ” Overall, against the structure of this proposal. The treasury is huge for a group to decide how it is managed.”


Given the results of the temp check (approximately 75% in favor), the next steps would involve outlining a more detailed framework for the UTWG’s operations, including its composition, mandate, and reporting structure.

In conclusion, treasury diversification is crucial for mitigating risk and ensuring long-term financial health. Holding a significant amount of wealth in a single asset, like a DAO’s native token, exposes the treasury to significant price fluctuations. A diversified portfolio, containing a mix of assets with varying risk profiles, can help stabilize the treasury’s value and safeguard it from market downturns. This allows DAOs to pursue their missions consistently and sustainably, without being overly reliant on the performance of a single asset.