From Crypto Kings to Curators: SuperRare DAO Elects Diverse New Council

Following a voting round that ended on Tuesday night, RareDAO has chosen new Council members for the coming year. Five vibrant individuals from across the global art and crypto communities were elected, bringing fresh perspectives and expertise to the governance of the premier NFT marketplace.

The newly elected Council members are:

  • Emma Joelle Johnson: A creator and collector with experience working on the Growth Team of SuperRare Labs. Emma plans to pursue efforts that will accelerate existing products like the Rare Protocols and the SuperRare NFT marketplace.  
  • John Crain: One of the co-founders of SuperRare, with an avid interest in digital art. John was actually a member of the genesis council and helped structure the DAO’s governance process. Coming back, he’d focus on initiatives that scale SuperRare while investing in documentation.
  • Paper Buddha: The digital collage artist and collector touts himself as a “big time process and organizational nerd.” According to Paper, the DAO should prioritize marketing to partners, creators, and end users via online and real-world events.
  • Simon Hudson: An experienced builder and communicator, known for co-leading the innovative Botto project, Simon brings a deep understanding of decentralized governance in the art world to the table. With 17 years of experience in community-governed organizations, he intends to prioritize consensus building and laying strong foundations for long-term decentralization. “I believe it is critical to build the potential for the $RARE protocol beyond the crypto art market,” he said.
  • Mr. Bahama: A seasoned Web3 product leader with 7+ years of experience across enterprise blockchain (EY), DAOs (TreasureDAO), and leading cross-chain protocols (UMA), Bahama brings a diverse skillset to SuperRare. Notably, his proposed gamified curation game and network actor framework offer a novel approach to the challenge of discovering and curating high-value art, making them a strong contender for contributing to SuperRare’s evolution.

Snapshot data reveals that the election enjoyed the participation of just 40 voters, with over 90% of RARE token holders rallying behind Emma.

The five incoming Council members will join Charles Crain and Fanny Lakoubay who are staying on from the previous council.

Generally speaking, the election and its outcome signify a crucial step in the evolution of the SuperRare DAO. With a renewed focus on artistic integrity, technological advancement, and community engagement, the platform is poised to further solidify its position as a leader in the burgeoning market for digital art.