Full Steam Ahead! OSEAN DAO Gears Up for Yacht Purchases with Company Registration

OSEAN DAO, a pioneering project merging the yachting industry with cryptocurrency, is nearing completion of a critical company registration process. The milestone, which is expected to be completed by the end of the month, will solidify their status as a legitimate entity and pave the way for acquiring their first yacht.

To mark this achievement and express gratitude to their supportive community, the DAO is planning a massive giveaway in May 2024. They’ll be airdropping 5 million $OSEAN tokens directly to fans and followers.

OSEAN DAO is the brainchild of skilled professionals and boasts a market capitalization reaching $2 million within a short timeframe. Notably, they’ve already raised half the funds needed for their inaugural yacht purchase, solidifying their position as the first to bridge the $9.38 billion yachting industry with the crypto world.

Company registration grants OSEAN DAO access to partnerships with established yachting businesses like manufacturers and charter companies, streamlining yacht fleet acquisition and management.

The future holds an online store for OSEAN DAO, accepting both traditional and cryptocurrency payments for a wide range of yachting products and services.

The 5 million token giveaway not only celebrates OSEAN DAO’s progress but also extends an invitation to the community that has supported them since their launch in April 2023. The giveaway is designed to be inclusive, aligning with OSEAN DAO’s mission to break down barriers in the yachting industry. By joining their social media channels and exploring project opportunities, participants can boost their odds of snagging some tokens.