Sushi DAO Seeks Redemption: Mulls Over New Governance Structure

Weeks after the controversial Burū no Shinka proposal, the leadership of Sushi DAO appears to be taking steps to mend broken fences with the community. Head Chef Jared Grey has proposed a new governance framework that could see the introduction of new roles.

From Chaos to Council: A Three-Tiered Governance System

The new proposal comes weeks after the leadership of the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) faced backlash over a previous proposal to establish Sushi Labs, a centralized entity, which many saw as a betrayal of the project’s core values.

It outlines a three-council model: High Kitchen, Treasury Council, and Grants Council. This structure aims to create a more robust and decentralized governance framework, addressing concerns about the concentration of power and potential for centralized control.

High Kitchen: The Central Hub

The High Kitchen will serve as the primary governing body, focusing on high-level proposals and protocol changes. It will be composed of 6-8 members and manage a multisig wallet with a safety mechanism for executing transactions. This council will oversee treasury funds and advocate for the protocol’s long-term sustainability and the interests of liquidity providers.

Treasury Council: Guardians of the Coinpurse

The Treasury Council will be tasked with managing the Sushi DAO treasury, ensuring its stability and diversification. This includes managing protocol-owned liquidity, proposing budget allocations, and ensuring proper funding for council operations.

Grants Council: Fueling Innovation

The Grants Council will be responsible for distributing grants, bounties, and rewards to initiatives that contribute to the growth and development of the Sushi ecosystem. This council will assess the potential of projects and ensure that funding aligns with the DAO’s goals.

Compensation and Accountability

Active participation in council activities will be mandatory, with members receiving an annual compensation of 5000 SUSHI (around $5,000 at current market prices). This incentivizes engagement and ensures that council members are invested in the success of the protocol.

Can Sushi DAO Regain Trust?

The new governance proposal represents a significant shift for Sushi DAO. By establishing a more structured and decentralized system, the DAO hopes to regain the trust of its community and chart a course for sustainable growth. However, the success of this plan hinges on the active participation of council members and the community’s continued vigilance in holding them accountable. Only time will tell if Sushi DAO can overcome the past and emerge as a stronger, more resilient DAO.