Divi launches masternode competition, 40K tokens up for grasp

Divi, a blockchain network focused on simplifying access to financial services through crypto, has launched a masternode competition that will reward one user with 40,000 DIVI tokens (equivalent to $153 at current market prices).

According to the Monday announcement, a masternode operator will be selected from a pool of ten others for having the best masternode name. The new competition trails an already running challenge to get an immortal voting NFT for the Divi DAO.

Apparently, interested persons can win a voting NFT for Divi DAO by deploying or redeploying a masternode on the Divi network. The exercise highlights Divi’s governance transition from masternodes to a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). This means that governance duties will no longer rest on the shoulders of masternode operators but on members of the DAO.

Some of those masternodes owners have demonstrated creativity with their masternodes names linking them to the NFT event. This is why we decided to create a competition within this event.

Divi will be selecting the 10 best masternodes names, and the DAO will vote on an overall best. In the meantime, the company has already picked names like NFT pass, End of Days Node, and NFT2023.

Users have between July 5 and July 16 to either deploy a new masternode or redeploy an existing one. Masternodes deployed before or after will not be eligible.

All of these campaigns are part of Divi’s larger plan to boost activity and create awareness about Divi 3.0 migration. One of the major upgrades that 3.0 will introduce is a transition from masternodes to validator vaults. It will also introduce a new rewards schedule.